"Capturing special days, moments and details from the heart."

Memories are the timeless treasures of our heart. Beautiful photos capture these memories. At Kalle Smith Photography, we specialise in capturing timeless, detailed and natural images- moments to cherish forever. Weddings, engagements or family portraits are all special. Photography allows us the opportunity to reveal the aura in the moment and the love for the special people in our lives. Choosing Kalle Smith Photography is an honour I don't take lightly, I want you to adore your photos for the years ahead and for you to be able to communicate what matters most.

⌒ ꕥ ~ My Photographs and What They Reflect ~ ꕥ ⌒

As a First Nations woman from Wanaruah Country, I take immense pride in my photography, which I describe as a fine, natural look with no harsh or overdone editing.

Each image I capture reflects the beauty of our country and the earth, portraying nature in its most genuine form.

I am dedicated to preserving the authenticity of my work, handling all edits and tones myself, resulting in natural and captivating visuals that resonate with the soul.

Being an Aboriginal photographer, I strive to represent our rich culture and heritage through my lens, connecting with the essence of the land and its people. Businesses seeking to embrace diversity and cultural appreciation will find my photography a meaningful addition to their ventures.

My photography is all about capturing those natural turns and smiles. It is amazing what you can capture in a tiny fragment of time even with a few prompts.

I photograph in beautiful outdoor locations with natural light. Whether you would like a glistening sunset, in the open country or in a pristine garden environment, I have a location to suit your needs. I welcome all home locations too.

I have lived in the Hunter Valley all my life and I have some beautiful places I can share.

Please send in your enquiry and I will happily return your email.

I can't wait to capture memories for you!

It's time to tell your story.