Introducing Kalle & Robbie

About Me

My name is Kalle and I want to give you a small introduction about me. As I grew up I was surrounded by the hustle and bustle of farm life and the very serenity farm life gives; to a now mum to two precious and most beautiful little boys. I have always had a passion for taking beautiful photographs and my photography journey really picked up when our two sons came into our lives. Forever photographing periods of time, I love looking back at all the photos I took, it really does bring a smile to my face.

I have spent the last 10 years or more photographing as a hobby photographer, getting a feel for my unique style and learning as a self-taught photographer with the occasional lesson here and there.

When you come to know me well, you will soon find out that I absolutely adore everything antique and old. With this love, I will incorporate these into my sessions when I can. Home sessions provide the perfect opportunity for me to scourer your house to include old adornments and props!

Photographing is calming and soothing, there is just something very special behind it that I deeply love; The aura it brings with every moment. The special people in our lives. A beautiful reminder to be in the present in every moment.

The reason I love being a photographer is doing something for someone else, it's really hard trying to find the time or that special someone to take nice photos in our busy day to day lives. I want to be that person that provides gorgeous photos that people will adore and cherish for the years ahead and to communicate what matters most to them. I will put my heart into capturing your images, with attention to detail, natural creativity and a drive of motivation being amongst my strongest strengths.

I LOVE a day out with my family, spending time together at home and being with our animals. We like trips to the beach and I love a good brewed chai latte!

Whether it be your special event, your families, your wedding day or the birth of your child I would love to be there to capture your moments.

I hope to hear about your story soon,

Kalle x


Our highly talented Robbie!

Robbie Urquhart is a photographer & videographer living in Newcastle, Australia. During a wedding he captures the romance and loving connection between couples and families to create emotional images and video for holding onto your important moments. At your portrait shoot Robbie will have you feeling comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera creating high quality images that connect with your real essence and character.


Robbie creates dynamic and cinematic videos of music performances and clips, behind the scenes content and wedding proceedings and highlights. Robbie is equipped with all the high-end gear needed to capture your special day. All his equipment is professionally maintained and expertly used to give you that white-collared image and sound.

Robbie also facilitates professional multi-camera live streams for events and performances taking your presentation to the next level. He has a background in live and studio sound engineering and uses these skills to ensure quality sound on videos and live streams.